Simplify expressions of real numbers and fractions

We teach you how to simplify the expressions of real numbers. In fact, mathematical calculation of fractions and complicated math,...

Even and odd numbers

Even and odd numbers are used in arithmetic, especially in the proof of properties. In this post, we show how...

How to teach math to children: tips for parents

In this post, we propose some tips on how to teach math to children. It pays to teach kids math...

How to use mathematical induction?

We teach you how to use mathematical induction to prove algebraic properties. This technique is very useful and simple to...

Elementary Mathematics: an overview

Elementary mathematics refers to courses in categories of numbers, inequalities, algebraic equations, calculus-like sequences, functions, integrals, and differential equations. If...

Units of measurement: weight and length

Units of measurement are an important lesson in elementary school. In this article, we provide methods for how calculating weight...
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